How to position yourself for massive Q4 sales, and “Own the Listing!”

Tired of competing with other sellers for the “Buy Box?”

Want to enter the world of Private Label, but aren’t ready to invest 10s of thousands of dollars on your own product development and inventory yet?

There’s an easier and faster way to “Own the Listing. ”
It’s called Bundling

In the past 9 months, the Amazon marketplace has shifted. Amazon is battling a barrage of counterfeit sellers, spammers, and fake accounts, and the powers-that-be are scrambling to do their very best to protect their customers and platform.

Enrollment Closes in…

I see alot of sellers screaming into the storm as they complain about Amazon’s decisions and resulting restriction. In my opinion, it’s our job as Amazon 3rd Party Sellers to adjust our sales with the shifting wind.

So what’s a seller to do? You learned how to sell on Amazon by driving from store to store scanning individual items, bringing them home, peeling stickers, printing labels, packing boxes to multiple destinations… Whew! I’m exhausted just describing this model!

Or maybe you moved to Online Arbitrage, mastering stacking coupons, giftcards, store discounts and more, oh my!. Only to receive your products, reroute them into Amazon (paying shipping twice), to discover the price had tanked. And There. They. Sit.

NOW IS THE TIME TO BUILD A BUSINESS. Right now, before we’re bumping up against Q4 again. What I described above, is NOT a business. It’s a job that you’ve created yourself.

“Now let’s take a trip to dreamland… Imagine you are the ONLY seller on all of your listings. You have a handful of profitable products (instead of 400 dead products). You have delegated the tasks of niche market discover, product development, ordering, prepping, and shipping. And you are spending more time with your loved-ones, hobbies, and charitable ventures because of your new-found freedom.”

Ok, ok, I admit that exercise was a little hokey, but I wanted to offer you hope that there really IS another way to build an Amazon business. And I believe that is through owning your listings, and providing tremendous value and over-delivering products to a fanatical niche market, using sholesale and factory suppliers to create your own related-product bundles. Whew.

I’m opening up my new course teaching you how to do just this. Registration for this enrollment period closes on October 2, and the 30-day class starts on October 3, 2017. The content will become available piece-by-piece starting September 1. Each week I’ll post more modules, giving you time to complete the exercises in each module. So at the end of 30 days, you’ll have your first bundle done, relationships with wholesale suppliers in place, and sales and market strategies ready to implement.

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Ready to join the other highly-motivate business-builders and learn how to “Own Your Listing” by creating bundles, sourcing wholesale and factory-direct?
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To your continued success,
Barbara Drazga