Course Outline

This course provides the best of all worlds by combining teaching on niche market evaluation, wholesale sourcing, private labeling, product creation, marketing training, PLUS Bundling.

I invest $tens of thousands of dollars$ each year in my education, and bring that knowledge to you in this course. This year alone I’ve already invested over $26,000 in my education including a sourcing trip to China, and high-end events for ecommerce sellers to learn next-level marketing and advertising tactics.

For a limited time, you get access to ALL of my experience and knowledge for just $299!

Watch this quick video where I show you 3 real-life bundles I am creating right now!
When you enroll in the Bundle Masterclass you’ll Learn…
  • Niche Market Discovery & Evaluation
    • Understanding the changing Amazon marketplace
    • Fanatical niche market discovery
  • Customer Needs Discovery
    • Identifying customer pain points, problems, and desires
  • Product Opportunity Discovery & Evaluation
    • Set your criteria – market, cost, price, profit
    • Amazon research using multiple discovery and keyword tools
    • Doing competitive Analysis
  • How to Find Wholesale and Factory-direct Product Sources
    • Alternate sourcing methods
  • Supplier Negotiation
    • Negotiating Tactics with checklist
    • Negotiating for Introverts
    • Tactic Checklist
    • Using your supplier as prep center
  • Competition-proof Your Bundle
    • Physically building your bundle
    • Custom product inclusion
    • Branding
  • Know Your Numbers
    • True cost worksheet
  • Listing Creation and Optimization
    • Understanding Brand Registry, GTI Exemption and UPC Codes
    • Elements of a Listing
    • Listing evaluation
  • Creating Sales Traction
    • Amazon PPC and reviews strategy
    • Driving Your Own Traffic with Facebook Ads
    • Customer email List Building
  • Automation and Delegation
    • How to hire a VA
    • How to document your process
    • How to delegate opportunity discovery and supplier research
    • Leverage prep centers for growth
    • Physical Bundle Planner!
    • Tradeshows Calendar
    • Wholesale Supplier directory: 100 wholesale and whitelabel sources
    • List of next-level seller Tools
    • Niche market validation checklist
    • Product criteria checklist
    • Competitor tracking spreadsheet
    • Negotiation checklist
    • Exercises at end of each module
  • 8 Live Show-and-tell webinar replays

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